LIKE MOST VENTURE FIRMS, we invest in the industries we know best.

Our focus in life sciences and disruptive technologies is based upon the deep operational experience of our Partners and key learnings attained since our founding over 20 years ago.

UNLIKE MANY, we aren’t phased when this leads us to opportunities others may find challenging or unusual.

From blockbuster diabetes drugs rooted in lizard saliva to radioactive injections treating osteoarthritis in dogs, our entrepreneurial spirit welcomes all ideas.


When people hear the words life sciences, they typically think of drug development. While we do selectively invest in biotech and pharma opportunities, we’re more focused on some lesser-known areas including DIAGNOSTICS and ANIMAL HEALTH.

We believe the DIAGNOSTICS sector is a critical component to realizing PERSONALIZED MEDICINE. Despite sweeping changes to its regulatory and reimbursement landscape over the last decade, we did what we do best when things get hard: lean in and learn. Fast forward to today and we believe we’ve developed a quality track record. Looking ahead, we think we’ve only scratched the surface with opportunities in MOLECULAR TESTING and PRECISION MEDICINE.

Adding ANIMAL HEALTH to our historically human focus was a natural progression for our firm. Obvious reasons include the technical overlap between the two sectors and shorter development timelines. An additional reason is that we, like almost everyone else, love our pets. “COMPANION ANIMALS” have turned into true family members, and pet parents are willing to act (and spend) accordingly. We also look for opportunities to invest in technologies addressing INEFFICIENCIES IN PROTEIN PRODUCTION. From cats to cattle, we’re excited to have animal health covered.


Similar to the approach we take in life sciences, our strategy in disruptive technologies doesn’t follow a well-worn path. While not as focused on “bleeding edge” technologies seeking to create a market, we emphasize applications showing real utility and traction across the HEALTHCARE, BUSINESS SERVICES AND RENEWABLE ENERGY sectors. We look for strong tailwinds in big growing markets.

In healthcare, we invest in technologies that drive PATIENT ENGAGEMENT, IMPROVE OUTCOMES, AND LOWER THE OVERALL COST OF CARE. We have focused on uncrowded and profitable niches. Examples include the neonatal intensive care and palliative care sectors.

No sector has tailwinds stronger than RENEWABLE ENERGY. We saw an enormous opportunity over a decade ago when we were the first outside investors in Silicon Ranch. Going forward, we believe we are still in the early stages of the GLOBAL ENERGY TRANSITION and find ourselves at an inflection point defined by both critical need and enormous opportunity.