At a high level we invest in healthcare and tech, but we like to think we’re different.

A closer look at our focus will show we concentrate on unique areas within these industries often underserved by the venture investment community.

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Come Early, Stay Late

We take an active approach to investing and pride ourselves on our ability to shape companies from their earliest stages.

Our family office roots and patient outlook make us a reliable partner for any company, no matter the length of the journey.

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“MGP has been much more than an investor, but truly a partner in every sense of the word. They led our Series A and have been active participants in all subsequent rounds. What sets them apart is their unwavering support, integrity and decades of operational and financial expertise that have made them a key element of AN2s success.”

<strong>Eric Easom</strong> CEO, AN2 Therapeutics
Eric Easom CEO, AN2 Therapeutics

“Throughout the 8+ years from founding to Castle’s IPO, Mountain Group has been a catalyzing agent and major investor in nearly all our financings. MGP’s patience and long-term focus allowed us to develop and commercialize multiple transformational diagnostic tests. Early-stage investing isn’t for the faint of heart and Mountain Group’s resolve makes them the ideal partner.”

<strong>Derek Maetzold</strong> President, CEO & Founder, Castle Biosciences
Derek Maetzold President, CEO & Founder, Castle Biosciences

“MGP is a proven leader in the animal health investment community. They have been instrumental in guiding TARGAN’s rapid growth including the extension of our platform’s applications. Their domain knowledge and active, hands-on approach makes them the ideal partner for any early-stage animal health company.”

<strong>Ramin Karimpour</strong> Founder and CEO, TARGAN
Ramin Karimpour Founder and CEO, TARGAN

“MGP takes a long-term view and approach to investing. This has resulted in them partnering with Silicon Ranch for more than a decade. Throughout this time, MGP has played a crucial role, particularly when working through critical strategic impasses. They have never failed to provide insightful strategic advice at the most important moments in our company’s history and have been willing to roll up their sleeves to help us achieve optimal, desired outcomes even under the most challenging of circumstances.”

<strong>Reagan Farr</strong> President & CEO, Silicon Ranch
Reagan Farr President & CEO, Silicon Ranch

“The value that MGP brings to the table is far more than just capital – these are guys who have “been there, done that.” They have leaned heavily on their prior successes to enable AngelEye to dramatically accelerate its growth, avoid potential missteps and establish itself as a dominant player within the market space. Their experience combined with their hands-on approach have allowed our company to take the right steps at the right time. AngelEye would not be what it is today without their input, guidance and partnership.”

<strong>Christopher Rand</strong> CEO, AngelEye Health
Christopher Rand CEO, AngelEye Health